Trinity United 

Methodist Church

1160 Trinity Church Road

Newberry, SC 29108

Church Phone: 803-276-1245

Pastor Cell: 803-206-4623


Trinity United Methodist Church

Bringing People Closer to Christ

Thank you for visiting the website of Trinity United Methodist Church in Newberry, South Carolina.  

Trinity was established in 1835 and the first church building was not far from where the church now stands.

 We are excited to be celebrating our 150th anniversary this year.

We are a nurturing and open church to all who enter into our Sanctuary.  

We base our ministry on the Word of God and a caring spirit. 

Jesus invites us to share our ministry to all that come into our church. 

We would love to have you visit and worship with us.

 Open Hearts.  Open Minds.  Open Doors.

Worship at Trinity

Traditional Worship Service 11:00 a.m.

 Trinity will be returning to In-Person worship on Sunday, June 14, 2020, with certain restrictions.  These restrictions are found on this page.

Trinity will continue to have live streaming of our service on our Facebook page, trinityumcncewberry, for those who are not comfortable returning to church.

A Facebook link is found below.

Meet Pastor Wilbanks

Originally from Houston, Texas, Pastor Charles Wilbanks was born and raised as a United Methodist. He is a retired faculty member of the University of South Carolina. Additionally, he has theological training from Duke Divinity School and is a licensed social worker and counselor. He came to Trinity in 2018. 

He was commissioned as a Provisional Elder at the SC Conference in June of 2019.
 He is also the pastor of New Chapel United Methodist Church.

He married Shin Lee in 1974 and they have two adult children and four grandchildren.

  • Bachelors and Masters Degree (University of Houston)
  • Ph.D. (University of Nebraska)
  • M.S.W. (University of South Carolina)

Some members of our Church Team

Working together to make Trinity Better

Jane Pollard

Choir Director


Phyllis Sanders



Peggy Bogart

Church Secretary


    Pastor Charles Wilbanks



As per a statement by Bishop Jonathan Holston, resident bishop of the S. C. Methodist Conference and after unanimous approval by the Church Council of Trinity, we will be reopening the church and returning to in-person worship beginning June 14. The decision to open the sanctuary is not an easy one, nor is it one that should be approached in a careless or thoughtless manner. The safety and health of our congregation should be of paramount importance. Not only should our congregation actually be safe to return, it is important that they have the confidence that all is being done to secure their safety.

Unfortunately, our return to in-person worship cannot be done like flipping a light switch back on. Our return must, in our opinion, be gradual, incremental and done with all appropriate safeguards.

This pandemic has been difficult for all of us. Our lives have been disrupted and we have had to get use to staying home more than we wanted to, learning new ways of doing things, discovering new things to do, taking precautions that we never have had to take before, and taking care of ourselves and others more than we have ever had to. We have also had to learn how to “do” church in new and exciting ways—but ways that have tested our imagination, resolve, and sometimes even our faith. But we have gotten this far together even while we have struggled through almost three months of separation and lockdown. We are slowly coming out of it and we have an opportunity to begin to rebuild and renew our church and to re-energize our ministry.

The Church Council has decided to implement the following precautions that will allow us to begin our reopening. We look forward to the day that we can worship as we did before without any restrictions or precautions. But we are not there yet. The following will be the guidelines of Trinity UMC for reopening.

1. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that individuals over the age of 65 are at a higher level of risk of contracting coronavirus than people who are younger. If you are in that demographic, before you choose to come to worship, carefully consider the risks.

2. Also, for those of whatever age, may feel uncomfortable coming back to in-person worship please do not feel obligated to do so. Your reticence and anxiety is certainly understandable. We would urge you to participate in worship via Facebook or take advantage of alternate ways of joining us.

3. If you have compromised immune systems, or underlying medical conditions that put you at increased risk, we ask that you to stay home and worship with us online until it is safe for you to return.

4. If you have symptoms (fever, coughing, headache, etc.) please remain at home and worship with us online.

5. Seating in the sanctuary will be limited to 60 persons. The fellowship hall can seat more if needed as the service can be seen via livestream from there.

6. One might choose to worship with us outside as speakers will be activated and individuals can livestream on their personal devices. You may either sit in your cars, or you can bring your own lawn chairs and sit on the grounds.

7. Those attending in the sanctuary and in the fellowship hall will wear masks. Bring your own if you have one. If not, one will be provided.

8. There will be no acolyte processional or lighting.

9. There will be no children’s church.

10. There will be instrumental music, but no congregational hymns will be sung.

11. There will be no collection plates passed. Instead there will be baskets at the entrances of the church for the collection of tithes and offering.

12. Communion will not be celebrated until it is safe to do so.

13. Ushers will seat attendees. Proper social distancing will be observed. People may be asked to sit in pews in which they normally do not sit.

14. Doors will be opened and closed by ushers.

15. There will be no Sunday School.

16. As you leave the church after service, please maintain six feet from the person in front of you and keep your mask on. Wait until you go outside to visit with others or attempt conversations with others. Even outside you are urged to maintain appropriate safe social distance.

17. The sanctuary and other public areas will be thoroughly sanitized after each worship service.

18. Pew Bibles and Hymnals will be removed from each pew.